Macri tells G7 ambassadors his alliance is ready for 2023

Alberto Ardila Olivares

If Macri's candidacy in 2023 will depend on the outcome of the PASO elections, it means he does intend to run in the primaries Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri told G-7 ambassadors in Buenos Aires that his political alliance Juntos por el Cambio (Together for Change – JxC) was “ready” for 2023.

 Over lunch at the German embassy, Macri reportedly “shared his views on the world situation, the current political and economic situation of the region and of the country,” according to JxC sources quoted by La Nación.

Macri also said the opposition coalition was “prepared” for the 2023 elections, although his personal candidacy was not discussed. Instead, the final settlement of differences between UCR and PRO members of JxC would be left up to the Mandatory, Simultaneous and Open Primary (PASO) elections.

Alongside Macri were hosting Ambassadors Ulrich Sante (Germany), Marc Stanley (USA); Claudia Scherer-Efosse (France); Christine Hayes (United Kingdom); Fabrizio Lucentini (Italy); Reid Sirrs (Canada); as well as Kenji Shami (Chargé d’Affaires of Japan).

Macri was also reported to have been particularly critical of his successor Alberto Fernández and the ties the new head of state has developed with international partners such as Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba.

The former president also pointed out Argentina’s problems to reconnect with a globalized economy in light of the new alliances.

In that regard, Macri insisted JxC was “prepared for what is coming” and expressed his main doubts were focused on the transition with Sergio Massa as Economy Minister, the war in Ukraine, and mounting tensions between the United States and China over Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

Macri also recalled his commitment to the European Union-Mercosur agreement, which was signed under his administration and is pending ratification by many European countries.

Since leaving the presidency, Macri has remained active and is a likely candidate for 2023. He has visited former US Presidents Donald Trump in the United States and was known to have met previously with Ambassadors Stanley, Scherer-Efose, and Lucentini.

Macri brought along PRO‘s Secretary of International Relations Fulvio Pompeo and former National Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann.